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Have you ever wondered how to make a Joomla Template from scratch?

How to make a Joomla Template? - Well it’s so easy with Template Creator CK, you’ll kick yourself that you never tried to make a Joomla Template before.

The biggest Joomla ‘secret’ out there, is that all those ‘page builders’ you have been using still need a Joomla template to work within. This is because they only take up the component area of a template. This means that you are still dependant on someone else's work! Even on the simplest template, you have no control over the footer or header, maybe even the main menu position, unless you have the HTML and PHP skills to modify the Joomla template code.

With this fully featured Template Creator, that all changes. You are in FULL control of ALL of the Joomla template sections. As if you had sat and wrote the HTML and PHP code yourself.

So, lets dig in and have a look at what’s involved in using Template Creator CK to make your own start to finish Joomla Template for your next project.

We'll make the Joomla Template that THIS tutorial is surrounded by. It's a simple design that you may find on a website for a local garage. 

I’ll assume you have already installed Template Creator on your server, in just the same way you would have installed any other Joomla plugin, module or component. If you don’t know how that is done then you can find instructions in this article from SiteGround who provide great Joomla Hosting.

** Tip - make sure you get the latest version of Template Creator CK from the developers site, this ensures you will get all the latest features and bug fixes.

In this step by step tutorial we are going to create a simple home page for a local garage, but you could make a Joomla Template for any business using the same principles. Although you don’t need to know any advanced HTML, PHP or CSS, you will still need to have a basic understanding of these. Template Creator CK is an intuitive, 95% drag ‘n drop solution, but there are still occasions where you will need to use custom CSS and HTML code to achieve the desired results.

There are many places to find FREE images on the net, if you don’t have your own, but make sure you follow the licensing rules to avoid trouble in the future. For this project we will be using images from Pexels and Pixabay. These two sites generally do not require you to show attribution for using their free images, but always check.

** Tip – When we use images from these sites, we take a screenshot of the image page and it’s licence terms. This we keep in our projects file, to reference in the future if copyright claims are made in the future.

We’ll begin with a fresh install of Joomla and Template Creator CK.

* Please note that this tutorial is not aimed at teaching you how to use HTML and CSS when you make a Joomla Template with Template Creator CK. But, rather to show you how easy it is to make your own Joomla Template, From Scratch!*

Follow the step by step chapters below for this tutorial to make your own Joomla Template. Click on the images to make them FULL SIZE.

Create your Joomla templates with Template Creator CK

The Boss

John Doe


The Mechanic

Jane Doe


The Salesman

Fred Stone


The Receptionist

Wilma Stone



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A Garage Ltd.,
Any Street,
Any Town,
Any State,
Any Post Code,

0800 123 456

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