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Template Creator Features

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Responsive Design

Any Joomla template you design with Template Creator will be fully responsive and fluid. The width will adapt to the screen width of the device and you can choose how you want your modules to be displayed at different screen resolutions (aligned, under each other, hidden etc.).

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Fixed or Fluid Layout

Template Creator gives you the option to choose whether your new Joomla template will have either a fixed or fluid layout. Which gives you the opportunity to style some amazingly fresh and modern website designs.

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1 Click Style Import

Are you lacking in design inspiration?

Don't worry, from the design interface you have the option to install a selection of pre made Joomla Templates to get you started. You can also use these as 'practice' templates to get you started using Template Creator.

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Custom Column Widths

All column widths and positions in the main content area are adjustable and selectable. For each column you can give it a width in percent and the template will adapt itself in all situations (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns).

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Manage Your Modules

Do you need a row of modules ? You can set them in Template Creator's interface to select the number of modules you need. Then, for each module you can give a specific width in percent and the template will adapt itself to all screen sizes regarding the modules that you have published in your website.

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Unlimited Module Positions

Template Creator allows you to insert as many module positions as you need. There is no limitation to your creativity. You can even add extra module positions to an existing template already published.

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Module Style Presets

Template Creator comes with a selection of preset module styles should you need them. Just select that option from the module positions settings in the interface.

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Pre-installed Widgets

Template Creator comes with 4 pre-installed widgets from its publisher to help make your work speedy and the results professional.

Top Fixed Wrapper

You can choose a wrapper in the template which will be top fixed on scroll. You can only use this option for one wrapper.

Scroll To Top

It will show a scroll to top button when you scroll the page down. It will also allow you to set up your links to scroll to anchors in your page. By default this widget enables the scroll to top feature.

Parallax Background Widget

Every website that has a Parallax Effect looks cool. It's easy with this widget. Select any block in your template where to add a parallax effect. Apply it as the background image, and set the effect options.

Animations Widget

You can animate the elements from your template. When scrolling the page and the element in into the visible area, the animation will start. You can add some nice effects like fade, rotate, scale ...

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Custom Code Function

If you need to do more and add some custom features to your template, you can write your own CSS rules, and add custom PHP code into the head

Template Creator generates it's own custom CSS file as well as it's main CSS file.

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Full CSS3 Styling

Template Creator fully supports CSS3 and you can modify this via the interface in numerous places.

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Hand-Made Like Output Code

The template and theme is yours and will be written just like you were writing it with your own hands. No framework, no useless code, no PHP overrides. The code is simple and human readable like a hand made template or theme should be. Your clients will never know!

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For Professionals & Novice

It does not matter whether you are a professional web designer or a novice just starting out. Template Creator is both powerful and simple to use. Its intuitive interface is quick to learn and the results are impressive. For the professional it makes the creation of Joomla Templates quick and profitable. And for the novice those templates are achievable and fun

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Export, Import, Share

Once you have used Template Creator to design a Joomla Template, it is super easy to export it and install it on any other Joomla website. The template you have just created installs just as any other template does. You could even use Template Creator to start your own Joomla Template design business.

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Parallax Feature

Parallax is a method of displaying different transparent layers on top of each other that move at different speeds to each other as you scroll a webpage. This gives an interesting design advantage to your website. This feature is included in Joomla Templates made with Template Creator.

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Custom HTML structure

Because Template Creator is NOT just a page builder, the HTML/PHP code that is generated is clean and precise, it's not full of bloat and unnecessary gimmicks. You get individually generated code that is specific for your application.

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Clean Generated Code

The code that your website runs on is key to its success. Template Creator produces industry compliant code and follows all best practices in doing so. You can be sure your new Joomla Template will run smoothly, quickly and reliably.

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RTL compatibility

RTL Templates are a breeze to create in Template Creator just as any Joomla Template is.

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Joomla 2.5 / 3.x

Although older versions of Joomla are not recommended any more, there maybe a necessity to use Joomla 2.5. If so you can use Template Creator to make a Joomla Template that is suitable for these.

Create your Joomla templates with Template Creator CK
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