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Step 1 – Selecting a Joomla Template to begin making your Joomla Template

** Tip – To save time while making your Joomla Template, have multiple admin screens open. I have one open for making changes to Template Creator, another for modules and a third for articles etc. It takes time to open then close then open then close. So, don't do it!

From the ‘Components’ Menu click on Template Creator CK and open up the interface. You’ll see a template already there in the list, don’t delete it as it is the blank template that all of your work will be based upon.

Click on the big green ‘NEW' button, you’ll be given a choice to either load a pre-defined Joomla Template to modify, or an opportunity to make your own Joomla Template from scratch. This is what we are going to do, go ahead and click on the blue button ‘Start From A Blank Template’.

You now have a choice of 14 starting points. The orange section that you can see, represents the component area of the template you will start with. As you can see, a lot of work has been done for you already. Don’t worry though, nothing is fixed permanently, you can add to and delete as much as you like.

We will choose the first item with the minimum of predefined module positions. Go ahead and click the first item ‘Layout 1’.

Joomla Template maker main settings wizard

A Pop-up window will, Pop-Up! So make sure your browser allows pop-ups. This is the setup wizard for your new Joomla Template that you will make. You can modify these settings to suit your design, but we like to do most of these later as our design grows. However we do set the first 6 as in the image on the right. This is a good starting point for all new Joomla Templates you make.

Click on save and the wizard will close.

You’ll now see the layout of your new Joomla Template and any module positions it has. In this case all we have is the main banner row at the top, containing the logo, a module position and the menu, and the main content area (component area) below it. These two sections are contained within the main ‘wrapper’ for the page. Essentially, this will be everything you will see between the <body> tags of the Joomla Template you will make in this tutorial.

The next thing we need to do is to save the Joomla Template we are making and install it to Joomla so we can see what we are doing on our new website. In the top right corner you will see a big blue button with ‘save’ written on it, click it.

** Tip – Get in the habit of clicking the ‘Save’  button a lot. There is nothing worse than losing your work!

Joomla Template Successful Install

Now, in the top menu click on the ‘Actions’ button then ‘install’. If everything has gone according to plan you should now see a ‘Successful Installation’ Pop-Up. Close the Pop-Up and exit out of Template Creator CK via the ‘Exit’ button located in the top right corner.

You are back in Joomla’s admin interface now. From the top menu choose – Extensions – Templates. You will see the new Joomla Template there in the list that you have just made. Click on the star to make it the default Joomla Template for all pages.

Set as Default Template

You can now go to the URL of your website and take a look at your work. If you have followed along, it should look like this. If not, retrace your steps and correct any mistakes you made.

This is what your new Joomla website will look like the first time you see it.

Continue on to the next chapter below.

Create your Joomla templates with Template Creator CK

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