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You've made your Joomla Template !

Finished Mobile Friendly Joomla Template
Finished Joomla Template


With a little practice and familiarity this project should take no more than 4 hours to make your very own Joomla Template, start to finish!

But even better than that, is that you will have a super lightweight Joomla Template, coded as if you had written it yourself.

If you take a look at the HTML output for the page we just created you will see that only 5 CSS, 5 JS and 1 Font files are loaded!

Check out how few files are loaded

Of course, things will change the more plugins and components you install and use. It will also make a difference if you optimize your images and files as much as possible. Google loves fast loading websites and gives you a boost in the rankings for complying. Template Creator CK gives you a great foundation on which to make your own Joomla Template.

This Joomla Template scores 92%. on GT Metrix.

GT Metrix Results

and …. on Googles page insights 71% for it's mobile rendering.

Google Page Speed Insights Results

There are opportunities to improve the Page Speed Insights score by adjusting the code to load appropriately sized images for each screen size. For example, the large image right at the top could be served in 4 different sizes to cover both mobile phones and tablets on both screen orientations. As well as initiating other design techniques that Google considers important, these are also cited in the Page Speed Insights results for guidance.

One of the biggest things you can do to affect your scores is to optimize ALL the images you use on your website. I can't stress how important this is to speed things up. ALL of the images in this website have been optimized by the brilliant JCH Optimize Pro. There is a link for that below.

* Once images, CSS, JS and HTML have been fully optimized.

What will yours score?

We have just made a simple Joomla Template, but the sky, really is the limit with Template Creator CK. Whatever your design requirement are, with the skills you have practiced throughout this tutorial you can now achieve your goals with this amazing piece of software.

As far as I am aware, there is NO OTHER Joomla Template Maker out there that works in the same way.

Don't be fooled by 'Page Builders'  -  This product is UNIQUE !

Create your Joomla templates with Template Creator CK

Create your Joomla templates with Template Creator CK

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